Migrate an existing site

If you are a developer working on a client project that needs to download AccessAlly plugins and get license keys. Reach out to your client or the site owner.

Find the tools you need in this membership migration guide to move all your content and members over to AccessAlly for good.

If you are not migrating existing content or members, you can skip this!

Membership migration checklist

Together we’ll walk through migrating your existing membership site over from another WordPress plugin. You might also need to make changes in your CRM program, so you’ll need to have your login details handy.

Make a copy of your existing membership site WordPress install.
Install and configure the general settings for AccessAlly.
Install and run the User Migration Wizard.
Create your course pages using the Offerings wizard in AccessAlly for your existing course pages.
(Optional) In your CRM, create your automations to match your courses.
Disable the previous membership plugin to ensure that pages are still password protected properly.
Test that logging in and creating new members or changing access is working from end to end.
Prepare an email to send members their new passwords (click to see if you’ll need to do this or not).
Transfer the site over to your live server by going from “Staging to Live”, this will be slightly different depending on your hosting set up.
If you had to generate new passwords, send your new password email.
Celebrate with a glass of your favorite beverage, you successfully migrated your membership to AccessAlly!